Traveling to Uganda: Safety tips for Solo Travelers

Are you planning to travel to Uganda on a personality searching experience? Are you not sure of embarking on this journey alone, and if yes, you don’t have to worry, Uganda is one of the safest countries in Africa. Below are the safety travel tips to ensure you enjoy your visit.

Always plan for accommodation; when you are planning a safari to Uganda, get a travel agent to help you in booking a good accommodation in Uganda. This will ensure that you stay in a safe and clean hotel and in good location close to your destination.

Always blend in and act lost; the simple way to stay in a new country or the city is to unify in. As much as you will get stress try and learn some few words in Luganda language. Don’t act lost even if you are. Just get into one of the taxes or bodabodas available and tell them where you are going. You can as well ask a police officer for directions or enter into any shop and inquire. Always try to trust your instincts.

Keep all your valuables safe; about the money, don’t carry too much money on you while you are visiting the cities and towns. Carry enough money for the day and the leave the rest safe in the hotel room. Always ensure that you keep your money in a front pocket and not in the back pocket or back pack. Always keep your passports and return ticket very safe. You can as well make a copy of your passport and leave the original in your hotel room. In Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth National Park, always carry your documents in the back pack for safety. It’s also advisable to keep all your assets like the gold chains or expensive watches safe. Always protect your cell phone and camera, and don’t carry your phone in your hands but rather put it in your pocket. Don’t place the phone on the tables in restaurants since the chances of forgetting it is so much.

Avoid walking at night

When you are a solo traveler in a new country, avoid walking at night. Just like it is not safe to walk at night or take food from strangers in your home, so is when you travel to Uganda. To avoid being mugged, do not walk in dark alleys or at night. Stay safe in the comfort of your hotel room.

Always dress appropriately; the major cities like Kampala are so modernized, thus there is no issue about dressing. However, in case you go to small towns and villages, it’s advisable to avoid shorts or short skirts. This is just to avoid too much attention which is annoying and also to show cultural respect.

When traveling to Uganda alone, don’t worry as the country respects the visitors and tourists since they are a source of income. Thus Uganda has put in measures of protecting them by the police. Tourism police monitors the tourists’ spots to ensure they are all safe.

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