Travel Uganda With a Budget Rental Car

Traveling in a self drive car in Uganda gives you liberty to go wherever you want to go and also a chance to drive at your own pace in your convenient time. We hired a 4WD Toyota RAV4 (called Oleg) from 4×4 Uganda car hire. It never let us down during the 2 weeks trip. Booking of the car is easy and the staff is very friendly, they will feed you with a lot of necessary information and they quickly respond to clients’ emails.

They have a variety of cars including Toyota land cruiser short and extended, supper customs, Prado, Premio, coaster bus among many others. The car comes with a very good and useful Bradt Travel Guide and a good road map which gives you direction about where your road trip is. They also provide you with camping gears if you like them and ounce you will use them it’s better to contact them in time so that they prepare them for you in time on no extra charge. Self -driving in Kampala is a crazy thing; here I mean it was difficult to find the right direction in the hectic traffic of Kampala. So we overcame the chaotic traffic in Kampala, We were advised to rent a boda boda man/driver cost 5000 UGX depending on a distance we had to travel. He showed us the way out of the city and led us to the company offices {4×4 Uganda Car Hire} when returning the car.

Road conditions

Most of Uganda roads are not tarmacked. They are dirt with a lot of dust. Most of Uganda’s tourism attractions are located in the far remote areas in the villages, and in most parts of the country there are no road signs or signposts. So they are required to use a GPS or follow a road map carefully. The ugandan people are hospitable and we often asked people for the right direction in order to avoid getting lost. Given that Ugandan people are very friendly so don’t fear to ask them in case you need any assistance about the destination, alternative accommodation nearby, or cheap restaurant. The normal driving speed on that roads on the Ugandan roads is 35 km/h, so if you are going to Kidepo Valley National Park in the north. Plan that you will spend a lot of time in the car it takes about 11-12 hours on road to reach the park. But on the other side it´s adventurous and that´s why unforgettable it has a lot of interesting features untouched just waiting for you to explore.

Visiting Murchison Falls National Park in the north, use Wankwar Gate from Purongo. If you arrive early at the park you will enjoy an evening game drive in the northern part of the park for an opportunity to see a variety of games that rush to their hide-outs and many can be seen just behind the gate which gives unforgettable experience.

Camping in Uganda

You can decide to take an overnight in a campsite, as in some attraction areas, they offer camping as low as USD 6 to USD 8 per person, if you are interested in camping, you can go with your camping gears or you can hire them at the park headquarters. Facilities are sometimes just basic here;

Some of the recommended campsites include

  • Sipi Falls for excursions to Mount Elgon
  • Kakine in Kidepo,
  • Red Chilli Rest Camp & Nile River Lodge in Murchison Falls National Park,
  • Simba Safari Camp and Bush Lodge in Queen Elisabeth National Park

And, if you use the campsites and lodges mentioned in the Bradt Guide, you will be fine. If the night catches you somewhere on the road, in most of the towns you can find decent and cheap hotels/lodges around. If it’s very difficult to spot them, don’t hesitate to ask villagers they are helpful or you may pitch a tent; however you should ask if the place is safe to pitch a tent.

Local habits

Don´t be scared of eating local food on the streets. Ugandan people are good cookers and the food taste pretty, although it might not look so tasty. Rolex a mixture of chapatti with eggs is always ready and it’s a good decision

Ounce you find or see walkers on the roadsides doing like as asking for the money it’s a sign that they are requesting for a ride. Always don’t take them they will delay you or need up disorganizing your trip

The most collective word for a white man is ‘’mzungu’’. You will hear it everywhere, so you´ll know they are talking about you.

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